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See How Women Are Changing Cycling – Trailer

By Brian Fleming

This June at WeLoveCycling we’re focusing on women in cycling, highlighted by our film, “Beyond Shrink and Pink: Women in Cycling.” Look for it next week.

We travel to Italy and Scotland to talk to Alessandra Cusatelli, chief art director of Italian bike manufacturer Cinelli, Sarah Drummond of Cycle Hack, and Alex Feechan, owner of Findra, about how they’re changing cycling. Whether it’s bicycle design, women’s apparel or cycling infrastructure, these three outstanding women are true originals, but they have one thing in common – they love cycling.

Shooting with Alex Feechan in her office

Together with these three women, we’ll also be hosting a charity auction for a one-of-a-kind, bespoke bicycle created by Cinelli, with apparel by Findra and support by Cycle Hack. The proceeds will go towards buying bikes for impoverished people in Africa, where the bike is the major form of transportation for most of the population.

Check out behind-the-scenes pics from our film, “Beyond Shrink and Pink: Women in Cycling,” coming next week.