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Join CycleHack For a More Cycle-friendly World

By Adam Marsal

Is cycling in your town or city too difficult, or even dangerous? What’s keeping you from using your bike for your daily commute? Join CycleHack, a global movement that develops creative solutions to promote cycling as a sustainable form of transportation. The next global event will take place in 35 cities around the world on June 19 – 21, 2015.

What Is CycleHack?

The brainchild of Sarah Drummond, a passionate cyclist featured in our upcoming film “Beyond Shrink and Pink,” CycleHack is an international event that takes place across the globe over the same weekend and brings together a diverse range of people with different experiences and expertise to discuss the barriers that keep people from cycling.

Sarah Drummond, founder of CycleHack - behind the scenes of shooting Beyond Shrink and Pink

How CycleHack Works

As a cyclist you have ideas on how to improve cycling in your town or city, whether with a product, an event or a strategic piece of tactical urbanism. Cycle Hack provides a platform for you to develop and present those ideas – which could be anything from minimizing road obstructions to changing a skirt into trousers using a coin and a rubber band – ­by working with a likeminded team. Organizers from local CycleHack movements then arrange workshops where the ideas are put into practice.

On the other hand, there may be a barrier to cycling in your community that you have no idea how to remove and you want to discuss it with others and come up with a solution. CycleHack is the place to do that. Either way, CycleHack takes a DIY approach to innovation in order to make cycling easier, more accessible and more fun for everyone.

Not Just For Cyclists

Whether or not you’re a cyclist, CycleHack wants to get people talking with each other about their experiences and thoughts on cycling in their community. Watch the film below to learn more about how the Glasgow CycleHack weekend went last year.

More about CycleHack on: www.cyclehack.com