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For a Touch of Style!

By Adam Marsal

There are millions of women cyclists out there who could leave a lot of the men in the dust. But not everything has to be hardcore. A woman also likes to look and feel stylish and have some fun now and again. So we asked the women in our lives what cycling accessories they want most. This is what they came up with:

House of Astbury Qom Waterproof Bag

House of Astbury is a reflective, cycle-friendly street wear brand with a strong feminist ethos. Born in a Punk House in South East London, House of Astbury has grown from their own experiences as women who cycle in the city. Their cycle-friendly bag is great to wear on or off your bike. Made from durable waterproof PU coated polyester, the bag features a roll-down top fastened with an adjustable high visibility strap. The reflective polka dot print is inspired by the King of the Mountains polka dot jersey given to the best climber in Tour de France.

Price: £30.00


House of Astbury Eyes On The Road Leggings

EYES ON THE ROAD LEGGINS - Photo:  www.houseofastbury.co.uk

Another select choice from House of Astbury, the design for these leggings comes directly from their personal experiences of cycling and living in London. These leggings are their way of challenging the culture of street harassment and demanding that outside attention stay on the road where it belongs. The design is screen-printed by hand using reflective ink, which is animated by direct light such as car headlights.

Price: £45.00


Urbanist Cycling Padded Brigitte

Urbanist Cycling Padded Brigitte - Photo: www.velovixen.com

How do you stay comfortable on a bike without having to wear full-on women’s cycling shorts? The answer is women’s cycling underwear from Velo Vixen, the holy grail of women’s cycling products. These attractive yet durable pants lined with high quality chamois padding are designed to let you pedal untroubled without having to gear up. You’ll probably even find yourself wearing them all day, whether you’re on your bike or not.

Price: £45.00


Bike Belle Retro White Wicker Basket

Get cute with this homemade white wicker basket for your bike. Perfect for carrying groceries, picnic gear or even pets, the basket is easy to mount using two hooks at the back and looks très chic. The adorable polka dot liner will keep everything snug as you ride, and will turn your bike into the most romantic ride in town.

Price: €32.00


Bike Belle Luv Bell

BIKE BELLE LUV BELL - Photo: bikebelle.com

This cute, hand-decorated bell is for those who like a little kitsch in their lives. It fits all types of handlebars and is sure to attract attention and smiles.

Price: €20.00


Bike Washing Machine

Killing two birds with one stone, students at the Dalian Nationalities University in China have turned a stationary exercise bike into a washing machine, so you can clean your clothes and burn calories at the same time. You spin the drum by pedaling, churning your clothes inside like a traditional washer.


Any extra electricity you generate is used to power the display screen or is stored for future use. For full disclosure, however, this item was suggested to one of our editors by his wife for him to use. It seems he hasn’t been holding his own on the homefront.

Price: not for sale yet