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In the Fix: Trailer

By Adam Marsal

Two very different cities – Berlin and Moscow – share the same emerging subculture of fixed gear fanatics. We have a great new feature about this interesting world coming up – stay tuned till the end of the week!

Russian Schwarzenegger you can look forward to

Aleksey Ogurtsov (44) from Moscow loves cycling. He’s also some kind of Russian ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’. Politician, War Veteran, Sub Mariner and movie stunt actor – with over twenty movies under his belt!


As well as appearing in our film, you can see Aleksey in the comedy ’Hitler goes kaput!’. He’s also appearing in a new 3D fantasy film ’Viy’. About an ‘evil’ village in Transylvania, which is due to have it’s world premiere next week.

 Medals of honour

Aleksey is a veteran of three wars, including the Soviet Campaign in Afghanistan. An assault rifle hangs on the wall in his office, where we made the interview. A testament to his credentials.


Aleksey graduated at the military academy in Yaroslavl was decorated for his bravery by the incredible collection of medals on display. He also served onboard Soviet submarines and much more. This man knows action!

Cycling In The Fix

Aleksey is a big supporter of cycling in the Russian metropolis and tries to persuade young Russians of changing their cars for the bikes. Although he had previously assumed ”FixGear” to be the brand name of some ‘foreign company’ until our interview. “Now I know, so I can tell the others!” he smiles light-heartedly. He personally started riding a tricycle when he was a kid, then he changed it for bigger and much heavier models like Ukraine and Ural legendary bikes.


Beside all his activities Aleksey’s also a local politician, responsible for sports in the major part of Moscow. “People go by the car to the work but get to the spot where a jam begins. They should pull the car over to a parking place and get a folding bicycle out of the trunk.” Aleksey says. “This is the way how to be healthier, live longer and save the time”.

Our In the Fix movie features not only Moscow but also Berlin fixed bike scene. Stay tuned!