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King of the shopping mall

By Vratislav Šlapák

Downmall is a unique mountainbike downhill race through shopping centres. Watch the astonishing footage from this year’s winner Tomas Slavik!

After a yearlong break, this unusual and crazy timed race through the shopping malls is back. This is the Downmall Tour 2015. Three European cities hosted the event this January, with the final round taking place at Prague’s Arcades Pankrac shopping mall.

Top world riders specialising in downhill and fourcross disciplines were invited. The overall winner, Tomas Slavik, was the only one who managed to finish the final track under 40 seconds. He also dominated two previous rounds in Berlin and Szczecin. Watch the final ride of Tomas, taken with his helmet attached GoPro camera.

To make the race more diverse and even more interesting, the freestyle riders, with their insane stunts, were invited as well. View our gallery.