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Let’s have some fun on snow

By Adam Marsal

Crashed again on slippery ice? Don’t want to keep your bike in the cellar for the rest of the winter? We have a tip how to ride in the snow!

Snow and ice are no fun at all in traffic. Cars have had winter tires and skid chains for years. Now similar devices are available for bicycles.

Mountainbiker, Berchtesgadener Land, Bavaria, Germany
Photo: Profimedia.cz

From city bike to heavy-duty beast

The first interesting solution comes from Cesar van Rongen. Cesar’s website tells us ‘wintry slips and slides are a thing of the past, without having to change tires’. A rubber casing with iron spikes to cover the bicycle tyre gives you grip on icy stretches, and on ordinary asphalt, they will still be comfortable.

The special winter bike tire can easily be fixed to any city bike, with the little key that comes with it. And when it thaws, the Bike Spikes can be taken off in an instant and folded into a compact little package. Watch the video to see, how it works.

Don’t try this at home! Or maybe…

Maybe it’s not proof for everyone that winter is a biking season too. Anyone who doubts can have a ride with Andreas Sieber and Julian Gerhardt from Germany. These enthusiasts recently rode down the bob run in Winterberg. Sit back, relax, and watch the extreme German riders fire down 1 600 metres of icy bobsleigh track – at 60km/h!

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