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Races That Can Hurt:
Snow and Slopestyle

By Adam Marsal

No terrain will stop the crazy riders who compete in these extreme races!

In the first part of this series, we showed you Redbull Rampage and Mammoth Mountain Kamikaze Downhill. Let’s move on to some other famous races!


Hundreds of competitors hurtling down a snow-covered slope, falling and crashing into one another par for the course with Megavalanche, the race held in the French resort of Alpe d’Huez since 1995.

(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

The race is demanding in terms of downhill technique, but also requires marathon endurance. Riders start from the top of Pic Blanc at 3,300 metres (nearly 11,000 ft) and after battling their way down the snow section they have an 18-mile course and an overall descent of 2,600 metres to deal with.

(Video: Youtube.com / XTreme video)


What Rampage is for freeriding, the Crankworx Bike Festival is for slopestyle. The seven-day annual Crankworx Festival in Whistler, British Columbia, is the crème-de-la-crème of bike festivals. This is where new types of obstacles are created, where the boundaries are pushed back and where the latest, cutting-edge tricks are pulled out of the bag.

Whistler Crankworx Red Bull Joyride.
(Photo: Profimedia.cz)

Once you have won slopestyle at Crankworx, you have carved yourself a permanent place in the mountain biking hall of fame, whilst many of those who have tried, but failed, carve themselves a place in the local hospital. Due to its popularity, a European version of the race has been held for some years now at Les Deux Alpes, a mountain resort in France.

(Video: Youtube.com / Red Bull)

Stay tuned! We’ll bring you more extreme races soon!