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  • a-day-in-life-of-a-cycling-team-chef

    A Day in Life of a Cycling Team Chef

    Chefs of Tour de France cycling teams have to feed 8 cyclists who eat as much as 24 regular people from a kitchen truck moving from one stage to the next. How do they do it? We talked to an experienced performance chef Hannah Grant…

  • how-much-do-the-pros-eat-at-the-tour-de-france

    How Much do the Pros Eat at the Tour de France?

    Do Tour de France competitors really eat crazy amounts of food every competition day? Researchers from the University of Granada set out to measure the amount of food riders take in during Grand Tours such as Vuelta Espana, Giro d’Italia, or Tour de France. They…

  • tour-de-france-race-nutrition-mountain-stages

    Tour de France Race Nutrition – Mountain Stages

    The amount of food that Tour riders have to eat can change a lot from day to day. A flat stage requires a lot less carbs and energy than you might think as we discussed in the previous article. A hard mountain stage is the…

  • what-do-the-tour-de-france-riders-eat

    What Do the Tour de France Riders Eat?

    It used to be a lot of bread and pasta, not anymore. Even though every Tour De France rider will burn approximately 140 000 kcal during the 21 days of racing, their diet has to stay pretty diverse and full of quality nutrition. In this article,…