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  • e-bikepacking-a-new-approach-to-wilderness

    E-Bikepacking: A New Approach to Wilderness

    From time to time, I sometimes feel suffocated with digital rubbish up to the point when I can’t breathe anymore. At that moment, I power down all electronic devices, lock them into the desk, hang the bags on my bike and get out where I…

  • how-to-handle-rock-gardens-with-grace

    How to Handle Rock Gardens with Grace

    Professional rider Richard Gasperotti helped junior riders from the Czech national cup to hone their technical skills. Most riders feared the rock-garden sections of some of the UCI XC tracks. Richard explains how to get over the troublesome rocks without fear or pain.

  • what-stories-does-an-mtb-guides-backpack-reveal

    What Stories Does an MTB Guide’s Backpack Reveal?

    A professional guide never thinks only of themselves. Whether it’s a brown bear attack, an open femur fracture, an unexpected storm on the mountain top or stitching a chin three days away from the nearest doctor, a mountain guide must be prepared to face any…

  • indulge-your-e-bike-with-special-winter-care

    Indulge Your E-Bike with Special Winter Care

    With cold weather and shortening daylight, many riders quit cycling and change their bike for another means of transport. If you follow several basic rules, though, you can enjoy riding an e-bike throughout the whole winter. We asked keen e-biker Richard Gasperotti to share his…

  • inside-the-red-bull-holy-bike-race-with-350-riders

    Inside the Red Bull Holy Bike Race with 350+ Riders

    Besides the Megavalanche in France, there are a couple of MTB races sharing a similar concept. With a mass start and kamikaze downhill, the Red Bull Holy Bike race in Spain also addresses hundreds of riders willing to take chances against each other. Richard Gasperotti…

  • what-type-of-mtb-tyres-should-you-use

    What Type of MTB Tyres Should You Use in What Conditions?

    The choice of the MTB tyres often decides whether you enjoy the ride or crash on every other corner. There are many aspects to consider because tyres designed for hard ground will not work in mud and vice versa. MITAS tyres ambassador Richard Gasperotti explains…