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    No More Podium Girls at Tour de France

    Following years of rumours, speculation, and heated opinions — A.S.O., a parent company of the Tour de France, has informally announced that the iconic podium girls will no longer be a part of cycling’s most prestigious event. Rather than the traditional Grande Boucle podium scene…

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    Who Are the Tour de France Podium Girls?

    In March, it was largely reported that the Tour de France would be saying goodbye to their infamous Hôtesses du Tour, or “podium girls”, for this year’s race. Despite the tradition of having a smiling young woman present the winners with flowers at the end…

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    Tour Down Under Decides to Ditch Podium Girls

      The issue is not entirely new to cycling fans. In 2015, organizers of the Flanders Diamond Tour in Belgium apologized for using bikini-clad podium girls at women’s race after one of the riders, Marijn de Vries, tweeted that the setup was an “utter disgrace”.…