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  • can-regular-cycling-counteract-your-bad-sleep

    Can Regular Cycling Counteract Your Bad Sleep?

    Sleep and exercise are both crucial for overall health but a new study suggests that exercise may help counteract the health consequences of poor sleep. This article delves into the research on the interplay between exercise and sleep.

  • innovative-textile-opens-vents-when-you-sweat

    Innovative Textile Opens Vents When You Sweat

    Scientists from Duke University came up with a new material that will keep you dry and warm when exercising. Future jerseys made from this material would regulate your temperature by automatically opening micro-vents when you sweat and closing them when you’re dry. This could change…

  • coffee-improves-your-reaction-to-moving-targets

    Coffee Improves Your Reaction to Moving Targets

    You probably know how much coffee can help improve cycling performance but new research suggests that caffeine also increases your detection accuracy for moving targets. Researchers from the University of Waterloo explored caffeine’s effects on dynamic visual skills in the first study of its kind.

  • the-secret-behind-maintaining-weight-loss

    The Secret Behind Maintaining Weight Loss

    Losing weight can feel really good for any cyclist. It can make cycling more fun and improve metrics such as the power-to-weight ratio. Also, it reduces the risk of early death, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and infertility. Unfortunately, the only thing that’s harder…

  • menthol-supplements-in-cycling-do-they-work

    Menthol Supplements in Cycling – Do They Work?

    Summer is almost here and those hot sweaty rides along with it. If you’re looking for a new way to cool down, menthol might be the answer. Menthol rinses, sprays, and lozenges are gaining in popularity among endurance athletes. Let’s take a closer look to…

  • more-coffee-linked-to-decreased-heart-failure-risk

    More Coffee Linked to Decreased Heart Failure Risk

    New research brings good news for all coffee lovers. It analysed data from three big studies to evaluate the influence of coffee drinking on heart health. The results speak in favour of drinking more coffee. How much more? Let’s take a closer look.