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  • how-to-ride-in-the-desert

    How to Ride in the Desert

    Sand and cycling have never seemed the most likely of partnerships, but in a couple of days, they will become the best of friends in Morocco as a group of hardy cyclists take on the Škoda Titan Desert Race. It is a tough race where…

  • what-do-pros-carry-for-a-race-in-the-desert

    What Do Pros Carry for a Race in the Desert?

    Some cyclists are happy with the typical disciplines like road, MTB and time trial – and some love to willingly subject themselves to a little extra suffering. Filip Adel, a current Superior Team racer, is one of those. As one of the former participants of…

  • the-definitive-guide-to-navigation-in-the-desert

    The Definitive Guide to Navigation in the Desert

    With few roads or tracks and with a landscape that looks the same no matter where you are, navigation in the desert is possibly the hardest part of taking on the Titan Desert – a six-stage race in Morocco this May. But even fears of…

  • proper-moroccan-mtb-rally-josep-betalu-wins-the-titan-desert

    Proper Moroccan MTB Rally: Josep Betalu Wins the Titan Desert

    Six days full of sand, stones, dust, hot weather, and rationed water. The Garmin Titan Desert is a Škoda-sponsored race unlike any other. The extreme contest clearly draws inspiration from the original Paris-Dakar rally but does so in the best possible way. A 100-kilometre stage…