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  • 4-games-to-make-family-cycling-more-entertaining

    4 Games To Make Family Cycling More Entertaining

    A lot of activities feel better shared with the family and cycling is no exception. Once the kids have grown enough to catch up with the adults, it’s the perfect time to invite them for a ride. Let us go through a few tips to…

  • how-to-plan-your-first-family-cycling-trip

    How to Plan Your First Family Cycling Trip

    Family cycling trips offer an excellent way to strengthen family bonds, nurture love for the outdoors, and encourage physical fitness. Planning your first family cycling trip can seem daunting, especially if you have young children, but with the right preparation, it can be a rewarding…

  • tips-for-your-first-kiddie-bikepacking-trip

    Tips for Your First Kiddie Bikepacking Trip

    Going on an overnight adventure by bike is such a fun way to spend time with your offspring. Together with a friend, my daughter and I made our first proper bikepacking trip when she was four and it was a wild success. If she remains…

  • top-10-tips-for-getting-your-kids-excited-about-your-cycling-vacation

    Top 10 Tips for Getting Your Kids Excited About Your Cycling Vacation

    Taking your kids on a cycling vacation is a great way of either introducing them to or continuing a lifelong love of cycling. Creating a positive experience with them means they’re likely to continue cycling long into the future. It’s worth investing the time and…

  • be-a-great-cycling-dad-in-2022

    Be a Great Cycling Dad

    Becoming a parent is a crucial moment in the life of every biker. What some fathers see as the end of their hobby is actually a new challenge to accept.

  • seven-reasons-to-get-out-on-your-bike-as-a-family-this-winter

    Seven Reasons to Get Out on Your Bike as a Family This Winter

    Getting your family out and about over the colder months will set them up for a lifetime of embracing the changing seasons. By encouraging safe cycling measures such as being visible, keeping on top of bike maintenance and wrapping up warm, children will relish the…

  • former-pro-explains-how-to-ride-a-pump-track-with-three-kids-around

    Former Pro Explains How to Ride a Pump Track with Three Kids Around

    For someone, a child being born into the family means the end of cycling. That is not a case of Katarina Tothova, though. An ex-professional downhill cyclist for the national team and a mother of three, she takes her kids to pump tracks regularly. Simon,…

  • how-to-get-your-child-interested-in-cycling

    How to Get Your Child Interested in Cycling

    There’s no doubt that cycling is a great activity for people of all ages and at We Love Cycling, we firmly believe that teaching someone to ride a bike is among the most virtuous pursuits a person can engage in. Many parents, guardians, and older…

  • christmas-research-what-makes-sports-fun-for-kids

    Christmas Research – What Makes Sports Fun for Kids

    Do girls like sports for different reasons then boys? Is it more important to “try your best” or “to win” when it comes to motivation for kids? A new study looks at what makes sports fun for kids and it turns out we might all…

  • a-kid-bicycle-seat-that-could-fit-in-your-bag

    A Kid Bicycle Seat That Could Fit in Your Bag

    Riding by yourself or with a kid makes a big difference. How to involve your mini clone in cycling? In the first few months, the choice will probably be a chariot, a grand vehicle towed behind your rear wheel, functioning as a 2-in1 mobile bed…