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  • fueling-that-cold-winter-ride

    Fueling that Cold Winter Ride

    As you would expect, cycling in winter requires different fuel for your body than when the weather is more temperate. For starters, you need more calories and less fluid, because you’ll be perspiring less, and therefore losing less water, and you’ll be working harder, because…

  • cheap-vs-expensive-ways-to-recover

    Cheap vs Expensive Ways to Recover

    Every cyclist would love to recover faster after a hard ride. There are many different ways to speed up recovery, but they differ in price and effectiveness. What are the things that have the greatest benefit that cost the least? Here is an overview of…

  • should-you-get-your-omega-3s-from-fish-or-plants

    Should You Get Your Omega-3s from Fish or Plants?

    Omega-3s are really important for recovery, immunity and general health. Fish are often touted as their best source but what if you can’t or don’t want to eat them? Can plant sources of omega-3s do the job as well? A new study offers some answers.

  • home-cooking-is-good-for-your-mental-health

    Home Cooking Is Good for Your Mental Health

    Homecooked meals are typically more nutritious, cheaper, and have fewer calories. Unfortunately, a lot of people feel like they don’t have the time or the confidence to cook at home. A new study suggests that they might be missing out on mental health benefits too!

  • spring-summer-cycling-snacks

    Spring & Summer Cycling Snacks

    If you dared to venture outdoors for your bike rides over winter, you’ll have likely avoided snacks altogether. You may have taken food that is easy to eat whilst riding or in a short time period – like gels, avoiding long snack stops and ensuring…

  • natural-supplements-could-be-harmful-to-athletes

    Natural Supplements Could be Harmful to Athletes

    A lot of amateur athletes consider nutritional supplements risk free. A new study highlights that some nutritional supplements, including various plant and natural extracts, may pose a serious health risk. Let’s take a look at what you should be careful about as a cyclist.

  • the-flexitarian-cyclist-sample-meal-plan

    The Flexitarian Cyclist – Sample Meal Plan

    If you want to eat healthier, reduce junk food, focus mainly on plant-based food but don’t want to restrict too much, the flexitarian diet is perfect. It gives you the option to keep most of the foods you like as long as you focus mainly…