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Tag: Cycling in Hot Weather

  • keep-cool-in-the-summer-heat

    Keep Cool in the Summer Heat 

    You don’t need me to tell you it’s hot outside. If the thermometer isn’t proof enough, how about those sweat marks on your everyday clothes? The beating sun can make riding tough, especially when you recall the freezing days of winter when you were praying…

  • 7-tips-to-beat-the-heat-this-summer

    7 Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer

    Summer is the peak of road racing season. With the Grand Tours providing plenty of inspiration, even recreational cyclists and fitness enthusiasts are tempted to push themselves harder and farther during the warmer months. Although no one is complaining about the rise in temperature after…

  • summer-burner-how-to-survive-hot-days-on-a-bicycle

    Summer Burner: How to Survive Hot Days on a Bicycle

    Summer is in its second half, but the heat won’t subside in most European countries any time soon. This kind of weather is due to continue so it’s never late to repeat basic rules to keep when you want to survive cycling in a heatwave.