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Tag: Cycling and Coffee

  • new-research-25-coffees-a-day-wont-make-your-arteries-stiffer

    New Research: 25 Coffees a Day Won’t Make Your Arteries Stiffer

    Researchers from the Queen Mary University of London looked at a relationship between coffee drinking and arterial stiffness and their results will make all coffee enthusiasts happy. They showed coffee and healthy arteries go together well and that different lifestyle factors are the likely culprits.

  • is-decaf-coffee-a-healthier-choice

    Is Decaf Coffee a Healthier Choice?

    Are you trying to cut down on coffee for health reasons but aren’t ready to give it up completely? There’s a beverage similar in taste but lower in caffeine, could it be the solution? Let’s compare both and see if decaf is the better choice…