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  • one-cycle-lane-is-not-enough-for-berlin-cyclists

    One Cycle Lane Is Not Enough for Berlin Cyclists

    The spring wave of the coronavirus pandemic has allowed European cities to tweak their traffic infrastructure. Berliners introduced 14 new cycle lanes, which were separated from the surrounding traffic by temporary pop-up barriers. Despite the consent of the majority of the population, they are now…

  • bike-lane-etiquette-101

    Bike Lane Etiquette 101

    Cities around the world are embracing cycling as a mode of transportation and are investing in making their communities more accessible for bikes. As cycling continues to grow in popularity, policymakers have had no choice but to prioritize bike lanes in order to accommodate this…

  • adding-bike-lanes-boosts-sales-and-employment

    Adding Bike Lanes Boosts Sales and Employment

    All of us cyclists would love to have more bike lanes, but the fact is that in most cities there are more non-cyclists than cyclists. It’s an uphill battle. Thankfully, a new study gives us a very good argument. It shows that bicycle lanes can…

  • bicycle-lanes-make-cars-pass-40-cm-closer-to-cyclists

    Bicycle Lanes Make Cars Pass 40 cm Closer to Cyclists

    Scientists from Melbourne studied whether cars give cyclists enough space when passing. They equipped 60 cyclists with a special device called MetreBox that measures the distance of each car passing, and what they found was quite surprising.