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Tag: Bicycle Chain Maintenance

  • how-to-recognize-a-worn-out-chain-and-change-it

    How To Recognise a Worn-Out Chain and Change It

    In one of our previous articles, we gave you tips on how to clean your chain properly. Unfortunately, cleaning the chain doesn’t always help because it is too worn out. In this case, the only solution is to change it. But how do I know…

  • why-bike-chains-slowly-die-when-neglected

    Why Bike Chains Slowly Die When Neglected

    Despite being one of the most important parts of the bicycle, the chain overlooked by many riders. Poorly maintained and neglected, it can do damage or ruin an entire drivetrain, meaning the chainrings and cassette, due to excessive abrasion and friction. Professional biker Richard Gasperotti…