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  • the-greatest-domestiques-of-all-time

    The Greatest Domestiques of All Time

    With the Tour de France knocking on our door, it’s high time to take a look at the heroes that make this event the biggest spectacle in the two-wheeled world. While for most people, those are yellow jersey owners, the winners of the Škoda Green…

  • the-sound-of-cycling

    The Sound of Cycling

    Most gyms blare music when you’re working out. Some paying customers find the music motivates them to push harder, while others opt for ear plugs – does this habit extend to riding your bike?

  • the-strange-case-of-thibaut-pinot

    The Strange Case of Thibaut Pinot

    Fact: A French rider has not won the Tour de France since 1985 when Bernard Hinault, nicknamed “The Badger”, wore the yellow jersey in Paris after the final stage.

  • 5-of-cyclings-classic-rivalries

    5 of Cycling’s Classic Rivalries

    Emotional, dynamic, and undeniably a driving force for some of the best athletic performances ever recorded, rivalries are a big part of what makes sports so exciting for fans and athletes alike. Born from a desire to out-perform another great talent, the best rivalries constitute…

  • 5-things-we-learned-from-the-2020-tour-de-france

    5 Things We Learned from the 2020 Tour de France

    Wow, that was a thrilling Tour, with hardly a boring moment and high-speed attacks on the most unlikely stages, culminating in an unbelievable individual performance on the penultimate stage. Here are the five most impressive takeaways.

  • why-cant-the-french-win-the-tour-de-france

    Why Can’t the French Win the Tour de France?

    If you ask almost anyone in the world to name three things they know about France, they would probably list wine, Paris and the Tour de France. Not only is the Tour the world’s most prestigious bicycle road race, but it is also the country’s…