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  • when-should-you-quit-a-cycling-race

    When Should You Quit a Cycling Race?

    It’s never a good situation when you have to start wondering whether to continue or take the dreaded “did not finish” in a cycling race. But sometimes it’s necessary. Even if you feel prepared before the race, there are many factors outside of your control.

  • how-hard-is-it-to-finish-a-grand-tour

    How Hard Is It to Finish a Grand Tour?

    It would be pretty much impossible for an untrained person to complete any of the Grand Tours. But if we leave the time limits aside, would a dedicated amateur cyclist stand a chance? Just how hard are the Tour de France, La Vuelta, and Giro…

  • amateur-racing-homemade-fruit-jellies

    Amateur Racing: Homemade Fruit Jellies

    What is the best thing to eat before your big race? First, you need to know what nutrients to ingest before an intense effort. Second, you have to get the right foods to get a reliable supply of them. This article will be a crash…