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Tag: Alcohol and cycling

  • healthier-quit-drinking

    Would I Be Healthier If I Quit Drinking?

    We all heard that drinking moderately is good for us. But is that really true? Experts recommend that if you don’t already drink you shouldn’t start. So, perhaps drinking is not that great. And even though many people think they are light drinkers, they often…

  • 4-reasons-drink-beer-cyclist

    4 Reasons to Drink Beer as a Cyclist

    We all have different reasons to drink alcohol and, as a cyclist, you might have a few more. Who would say no to a cold beer after a great summer ride? From the previous article, we already know how drinking affects cycling performance. With that…

  • alcohol-affect-athletic-performance

    How Does Alcohol Affect Athletic Performance?

    Have you ever wondered how a hangover affects your performance? Do you think a night of heavy drinking will affect your handling ability on the bike? Will it cause dehydration if you have a beer after a ride? And what about recovery? You are about…

  • happens-ride-hangover

    What Happens When You Ride with a Hangover?

    Imagine you have a weekend ride planned but that Friday drink with friends gets a bit out of hand. We’ve all been there and will probably be there again. So, is it a good idea to go anyway? What happens inside the body after a…