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Extremadura’s Family Cycling Guide: Exploring Spain’s Hidden Gem

By Monica Buck

Extremadura, a region nestled between the provinces of Castile and Andalusia, offers a tapestry of lush landscapes, historical richness, and cultural depth, making it an ideal backdrop for family biking adventures. As spring ushers in a wave of verdant beauty across its valleys and ancient towns, Extremadura becomes a perfect setting for families to explore on two wheels. Join us as we explore the most enchanting bike routes across this Spanish region, each promising a unique combination of scenic splendor, historical insights, and family-friendly fun, ensuring an unforgettable escape.

Cáceres to Monfragüe National Park (approx. 25 km)

Villanueva De la Vera
Enjoy the picturesques views of Extremadura. © Profimedia

Suitable for: Children aged 7 and above

Start your cycling journey in the medieval city of Cáceres, riding through to the majestic Monfragüe National Park. This 25 km trail is not only a journey into nature but also a passage through time, marked by ancient sites and breathtaking landscapes. Monfragüe offers a panoramic view of Extremadura’s diverse ecosystems and is perfect for families with children aged 7 and above, providing a blend of nature watching and historical exploration in one of Spain’s most celebrated biosphere reserves.

Trujillo to Guadalupe (Approx. 40 km)

Explore the streets Trujillo. © Profimedia

Suitable for: Families with teens

Embark from the historic town of Trujillo, known for its stunning plazas and conquistador history, and head towards the serene town of Guadalupe. This 40 km route passes through rolling hills and olive groves, leading to the Pueblo of Guadalupe, home to the famous Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe. Best suited for families with teens, this ride combines physical challenge with cultural enrichment, exploring some of Extremadura’s key historical landmarks.

Badajoz river loop (approx. 15 km)

Guadiana river
Ride along the Guadiana river. © Profimedia

Suitable for: All ages

Ideal for a more leisurely day out, the Badajoz River loop encircles the vibrant city of Badajoz, following the serene Guadiana River. This 15 km circuit is suitable for cyclists of all ages and offers a picturesque glimpse into the city’s rich heritage and natural scenery, with stops possible at the Alcazaba of Badajoz or the tranquil riverside parks. It’s a perfect mix of urban and natural landscapes, providing plenty of opportunities for rest and exploration along the riverbanks.

Plasencia to Valle del Jerte (approx. 30 km)

Valle del Jerte
Absorb the beauty of Valle del Jerte. © Profimedia

Suitable for: Children aged 8 and above

From the historical city of Plasencia, ride north towards the stunning Valle del Jerte, known for its cherry blossoms that blanket the valley in spring. This 30 km route is a feast for the eyes, especially during the cherry blossom season, and provides an immersive experience into rural Extremadura. Suitable for children aged 8 and above, the journey offers both a visual spectacle and a gentle ride, culminating in a region famed for its natural beauty and agricultural bounty.

Merida to Proserpina Reservoir (approx. 10 km)

Temple to Diana
Visit the Roman Temple of Diana in Merida. © Profimedia

Suitable for: Children aged 6 and above

For a trip steeped in antiquity, cycle from the Roman city of Merida to the ancient Proserpina Reservoir. This 10 km trail is easy and enlightening, suitable for younger children and history buffs alike. The path takes you through some of Merida’s iconic Roman ruins, ending at a reservoir that has been in use since Roman times. It’s a unique blend of historical touring and nature, perfect for a relaxed day out with the family.

These cycling adventures through Extremadura not only reveal the region’s diverse landscapes and rich historical tapestry but also foster the joy of shared family experiences, discovery, and the simple pleasure of biking through one of Spain’s most captivating regions. From the historic streets of Cáceres to the serene waters of the Proserpina Reservoir, Extremadura welcomes you with open arms, ready to provide a backdrop for making unforgettable memories this spring.