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What Are the Trends for Cycling Clothing in 2024?

By Adam Marsal

Whether it’s aerodynamic clothing to reduce air resistance, UV protection or a great pair of cycling jeans for the business meeting after the bike tour, cyclists will find many new items this year that make riding even faster and more comfortable. Let’s take a look at the cycling clothing trends for 2024.

Aerodynamic clothing

Modern cycling clothing is no longer just about improving riding comfort, it can also make riding faster. Fitted cycling jerseys with minimal seams and slimmer shorts reduce drag and increase performance. More and more riders are wearing oddly structured base layers or aerodynamic bras under their clothing. To the uninitiated, this may seem bizarre but the trend makes sense. Texturing the surface of an object changes the boundary layer of aerodynamic flow from smooth, laminar to turbulent.

This has the advantage that the boundary layer of the airflow sticks to the object – in this case the arms – for longer. As it remains attached to the object for longer, the size of the wave behind the object remains smaller, which reduces drag significantly. Some aerodynamic features have such an impact that the UCI has pursued them to the point of banning them outright. But that should not stop companies from offering these innovations to amateur athletes.

UV protection

Elbow guards
Summit Elbow Guards by PEARL iZUMi

As cyclists spend many hours under the sun, it is not surprising that clothing manufacturers are also paying more and more attention to protecting the skin from UV rays. The degree of protection can be seen from the UPF number given by the manufacturer. This number indicates how well the fabric can keep out UV rays. The highest level available is UPF50+. This type of clothing uses special fabrics with UV protection agents that prevent harmful rays from penetrating the material and reaching the skin. The benefits are not only in terms of health but also in terms of performance, as clothing with a high level of protection also prevents overheating.

Cycling fashion for the city

With the increasing popularity of the bicycle, which is becoming one of the pillars of urban mobility, fashion trends for cycling in the city are also gaining in importance. The trend is towards casual, everyday cycling clothing that can be worn both on and off the bike. Manufacturers are bringing clothing onto the market that is indistinguishable from normal leisure wear but offers the riding comfort of fully-fledged cycling clothing. You can go straight from the bike to the office in cycling jeans. Casual cycling T-shirts with discreet reflective elements are also available.

Osloh bicycle jeans
Indigo Denim Gravel Jeans by Osloh

Cycling clothing with quick-drying properties and odour inhibition ensures that cyclists stay fresh and comfortable even after long periods in the saddle. Many cycling brands incorporate hidden features into their styles, such as detachable jersey sleeves and removable liners, so you can have lunch or dinner with friends after a bike ride without feeling overly sporty or out of place.

Artistic patterns and wild colours

While in recent years designers have limited themselves to conservative shades and have tended to focus their clothing on earthy or pastel colours, all signs indicate that the trends for 2024 will go in exactly the opposite direction. For next season, do not be afraid to dress in neon pink, acid green or fluorescent yellow. There’s no shortage of 80s colour splashes and other crazy elements. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, bright colours also have a benefit for road safety as they are much more visible. Cycling clothing designers for the coming year have also impressed with abstract prints, geometric patterns and nature-inspired graphics.

Cycling jersey
Tijuana men’s jersey by Cycology

Sustainable fashion and environmentally friendly materials

More and more cyclists are opting for clothing that aligns with their ethical values. As the importance of sustainability increases worldwide, eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and wool are gaining ground in cycling fashion. Leading cycling brands are making clothing from recycled fabrics and organic materials that reduce their environmental footprint. In addition to materials, brands that can adhere to ethical manufacturing practices and document their supply chains are also on the radar of discerning customers. By purchasing clothing from ethical brands, cyclists can not only ride in style but also positively influence trends in the fashion industry towards fair clothing.

Retro elements are mixed with modern elements

In 2024, retro elements will mix with fashion trends, creating space for a nostalgic image for lovers of classic bike racing. History-inspired cycling jerseys and caps reference the golden era of cycling and pay tribute to the sport’s rich history. Cyclists can opt for classic wool jerseys or modern designs with retro graphics for a timeless and sophisticated look on the bike. The fusion of old and new in cycling fashion offers riders the opportunity to connect with the heritage of the sport while enjoying the benefits of cutting-edge performance apparel.