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How to Spend a 150 Euro Bike Shop Gift Card Optimally

By Martin Atanasov

The holidays are over, the Christmas tree and decorations are back in storage, and we hope the new year will be at least a bit less 2022-ish. So, now it’s time to recap on our gifts and shamelessly put everything we don’t need for sale or in the closet, never to be seen again. Of course, if you’ve been a good boy or girl, you might have gotten a lovely gift card of, let’s say, 150 euros under the tree this year instead of some kind of bike-related art you’d be wondering where to place. So, naturally, this means shopping time *insert overexcited teenager screams here*.

150 euros is simultaneously a lot and – when it comes to bike gear – not all that much. These 150 euros will significantly boost your predetermined budget if you have something in mind. However, if nothing comes to mind, what better way to celebrate the new year than treating yourself to some guilty pleasures you never thought useful enough to invest in? So, here is how to optimally spend this awesome gift.

New pedals

Well, OK. This one is predominantly for mountain bikers, but roadies, listen closely. If you have 150 euros to spend on your bike and have no idea what to purchase, you might as well level up your pedals. While that may sound like a waste of money for the unknowing newbie, those who often ride, especially in the colder months, know precisely how vital the pedals are. DMR V12 are probably the best ones in that range, as they go for around 130 euros if you get a deal on them. They can go as high as 150-160 euros, depending on where you live. But, man, aren’t they worth every cent? The DMR Vault Pedal is a platform pedal that allows adjustment. With their aggressive spikes, you feel comfortable and stable, no matter the terrain. And, usually, the terrain is not the smoothest. I’m starting to drool a bit looking at them, so let’s move on.

Upgrade your lights

If you like riding in winter or during the night, you probably already have some awesome lights. On the other hand, if you haven’t tried night riding yet, you might want to upgrade your lights for the task. Having a powerful flooder on your handlebars makes all the difference when riding at night. Whether on the road or on a bike trail in the mountains, having good peripheral vision and day-like illumination in front is crucial. So, up your game by upping your gear.

Get a new, premium light that can shine brighter and give you better visibility. Naturally, many brands can do the job but Magicshine RN3000 is regarded by many as the best option. It can shine with up to 3,000 lumens, giving many cars’ high beams a run for their money. More importantly, with its 10,000 mph hour rechargeable battery, you can ride with the max illumination for up to 2 hours without draining the battery. That’s more than enough for most riders.

Lights for this class often cost around 130-150 euros. Still, if you have a good enough flooder, you might want to get a new spotlight for your head. The good ones are slightly less expensive, around 70-110 euros.

Get new sunglasses

Sometimes I wonder if I can sell all the salt I gather in my sunglasses. Yes, riding is often accompanied by profuse sweating, which, more often than not, ends up on your sunglasses. Now, cleaning them carefully and washing them frequently with soap will prolong their lives, but let’s face it. Sunglasses are consumable when it comes to sports of any kind. You need to have some truly durable shades for them to last more than 3-4 seasons without their quality deteriorating. Naturally, getting some premium brand-new sunglasses can be one of your gifts. There are just as many brands as stars in the sky, so no one can say the market is not accommodating. However, as a person who suffered from low-quality shades, I would advocate staying away from cheap, off-brand models. Yes, some of them might be up to standards but the risk of damaging your eyes is definitely not worth it.

So, when it comes to cycling glasses, I’d go with the best. According to many, the best are Oakley Radar EV, which, fortunately, are just within your gift card range. One can find these premium Italian cycling sunglasses for as little as 120 euros. But, of course, there are enough brands out there that can accommodate your needs, so you just need to browse.

La Ronde Cyclist
Beyond their ability to make a pretty serious fashion statement, cycling glasses are an essential component of your overall setup. © Profimedia

New winter tyres

Free brand-new premium winter tyres for my bike? Yes, please! Well, you will pay for them, but in all honesty, they are a gift from whoever gave you the gift card. So don’t shy away from getting the best-quality tyres.

Naturally, the brand and the model depend on what you’d want to do with your bike. If you are predominantly riding on roads and flat surfaces (I’m looking at you, Netherlands and Belgium), then you can go for less aggressive knobs and smaller grapples. However, if you are into mountain biking, I’d go with something tried and tested. Maxxis Assegai Bike Tyre, according to most articles online, is the best XC and DH tyre for 2022, and I can’t figure out why I shouldn’t get it. It costs around 60 euros per tyre, so two new ones will total about 120 euros.

No matter what you choose, if you upgrade your tyres, you will feel much more comfortable and stable during the winter and, most importantly, your rides will be much safer.

A premium lock

Investing in your bike’s safety is always a good idea. When you can do it for free, it’s really a no-brainer. So if you can’t figure out what to do with your 150 euros, why don’t you just buy the best lock on the market and make sure you will find your bike exactly where you left it? Of course, as I’ve said many times before, and I’ll say it again: your bike is only locked while you are looking at it. If someone wants to steal your bike, they will do it. Your goal should be to protect it from opportunists who only steal bikes when presented with the chance. A premium lock would stop those types of thieves and give you peace of mind that you won’t have to constantly look outside the window when you’ve stopped at a coffee shop or elsewhere.

If I had to choose a lock, I’d go for a U-lock. Most professionals agree ABUS U-lock Granit X Plus 540 is probably the safest one on the market, and since it costs around 100 euros, you might as well get one with your gift card. Naturally, you can go with something else. If you have more trust in Kryptonite, which is among the most premium lock brands out there, don’t hesitate to invest circa 100 euros for the safety of your bike.


You might have noticed that most of the things suggested here are not exactly 150 euros, so it won’t be optimal if you don’t spend every single cent of your gift card. So you need to be prepared with some filler ideas to seal in the gaps.

For example, if your new pedals come up at 130 euros, add some new premium grips. DMR DeathGrip is an excellent choice, and they cost around 20 euros. This way, you will round up to 150 with ease. You can also get some new gloves. I personally think that a rider should change his gloves at least once a year but I’m a bit pedantic on this end. Still, getting some new gloves will give you an entirely new look. More importantly, they also cost somewhere between 20 and 30 euros, so they are the perfect filler if you go for pedals, sunglasses, or tyres.

A nice thing you can get for up to 10 euros is a winter skull cap, which perfectly fits your helmet. Or you can stick to the classics and get a new water bottle for 10-15 euros. These poor accessories suffer so much when you’re actively riding. They deserve to be renewed every now and then. Plus, it will change your bike’s entire look for the new season.

Spending money on your bike, as I’m sure you’re well aware, is not that hard. But, on the other hand, having a budget is a bit more delicate work and, hopefully, our tips can help you spend your gift card as optimally as possible.