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9 Things from This Year’s Eurobike That Stuck With Me

By Adam Marsal

The first Eurobike in Frankfurt is now history. Over 60,000 visitors turned up to explore new trends in the cycling industry. This is what We Love Cycling’s ambassador Richard Gasperotti picked from the immense flood of new goods.

Clothing companies using nanotechnologies

A flurry of new companies focuses on nanotechnology regarding clothing production for road cycling. Road cycling is currently experiencing a renaissance, and it was also evident in the exhibitors’ offerings. Many of the new brands, by the way, were looking for international distributors at the show. Is someone interested?

ABS for every e-bike

Every e-bike drivetrain manufacturer introduced new electric motors but the surprise of the fair was probably the new ABS from Bosch eBike Systems. Up to 29% of bicycle crashes are caused by improper braking. Thanks to ABS, even wetness or sand should no longer be a menace. Technology that has been helping drivers for 40 years and motorcyclists for 20 is now ready for e-bikers. The world’s tiniest ABS system is 77% smaller and 55% lighter than its predecessor. The new ABS has been developed for all kinds of electric bikes, ranging from average city bikes to electric mountain bikes for hard-core athletes.

More than 1,500 exhibitors from the international cycling and mobility industry gathered on the 140,000 square meters of the fair grounds for the first Eurobike in Frankfurt. © Profimedia

More bikes for daily commuting

What I really liked was the Hercules bike booth. Despite being an MTB freerider, I’m becoming more and more aware of the role bicycles play in urban transportation. More bikes for daily commuting are sought out by customers living in the cities, and at the Hercules stand, this trend was clearly evident. I believe anyone could choose from such a range of bikes for a daily commute to work or school.

The comeback of a legend

As a rider growing up with the development of mountain biking, I appreciated the return of the Manitou brand. The suspension forks from this legendary brand have the classic look and feel of the old good days for me.

A frame from a single piece of metal

I’ve also discovered many new companies that shape bike frames from a single piece of aluminium. After creating a 3D model in the computer, the manufacturers cut the frames out of a block of aluminium on the CNC machines. Despite the high cost, the frames with no welds must be unbeatably stiff. And speaking of aluminium in general, the material is having one hell of a comeback. This is due to the fact that carbon can hardly be recycled at all. While keeping sustainability in mind, carbon frames are becoming less and less popular.

Unbreakable bike locks

I became a big fan of the German company ABUS, which is one of the leading manufacturers of bike safety locks. The folding locks coming from their production are both unbreakable and lightweight. Next to bike locks, I was also intrigued by helmets with integrated flashers that no driver would miss.

A life-saving airbag for commuters

When it comes to bike safety, EVOC introduced a revolutionary airbag technology for their backpacks. The system has been integrated into a commuter backpack in order to reduce the risk of injuries while cycling in the city. It looks like a large collar that automatically inflates in the moment of an unexpected crash and provides protection for the neck and chest area of the rider.

Simple bike tracking

Regarding new technologies, I noticed many brands started to use the Apple AirTag devices for bike tracking. The idea is simple. What has been commonly used to find lost keys can also work to track down stolen bikes. Many bike manufacturers are now coming up with their own solutions to integrate the Apple Air Tag into the bike frames.

Mobile jumps

In the end, I’m recalling new obstacle features designed by Sender Ramps, allowing you to build a jumping bike line quickly and almost effortlessly. Using their segments, you can turn a garden into a bike park in a few minutes.