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Not Sure What to Wear for Your Gravel Ride? Here Are Some Tips from Juliet Elliott!

By Juliet Elliott

One of the best things about riding gravel is that there aren’t really any rules. And whilst riding bikes off road is certainly nothing new, a lot of gravel’s appeal lies in the new sense of freedom it brings with it.

At its core, it’s just riding a bike wherever you want and whilst specialist equipment can be nice or indeed improve your experience, it’s not the be-all and end-all. So, keep in mind that rule number one is wearing what you want to ride whatever bike you want. It’s all up to your personal choices, as you are the one supposed to enjoy the ride!

That being said, there are certain things that I like to wear – some of the time – that keep me comfortable during long rides.

Amongst my choices, you will find padded shorts, a merino T-shirt and a hoodie, MTB shoes, gloves, glasses and, of course, a helmet! I will explain why these are my favourite pieces of gear for a long ride but, as I said before, you should always wear whatever makes you comfortable and happy.

Take this as a personal account of what I like to wear or use it as tips if you’re not sure what to choose for your first ride!