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8 Most Frequent Excuses Why Not to Commute to Work by Bike

By Adam Marsal

Even regular cyclists often resign from cycling to work for many reasons. Most of them are plain excuses, though. Do you also hear them from people around you? 

I’d need a more versatile bike

Every bike can make it, though. As long as it holds together, every kind of bike is suitable for commuting, regardless of whether you ride a road bike, an MTB or a city bike. You only need to equip it with a pair of mudguards to avoid getting wet, two lights to get home safe after dark and some more stuff that we talk about later. You even do not need to own a bike as shared bikes are probably available in your town.

City commute
Every bike can make it through the city. © Profimedia

I can’t get to work sweaty

People start sweating after 10 minutes of exercise, which is an average time to get to work by bike for only the luckier of us. Even longer rides do not necessarily require you to push too hard to make you start sweating. With a slow city pace, you can get to work perfectly dry. For a hilly environment, you can consider buying an e-bike that will help you reach the destination almost effortlessly. If backpack straps leave wet stains over your back and under your armpits, you can choose to put your stuff into panniers fastened to the bike frame or bike rack. Many offices also have available showers you may ask to use.

I’m afraid to ride in traffic

You can always find more alternative routes to get to work. It’s definitively worth exploring the neighbourhood. While some of them are short but busy, the others might turn to be nice morning rides in a quiet environment. Sometimes you can even discover routes through parks or trails in green.

I’m afraid to ride in the dark

As we said earlier, you can pimp your bike to turn it into the perfect commuting machine. A pair of powerful lights will make you visible from all angles so nobody will fail to notice you. Investing in lights with enough lumens will pay off. You only need to keep in mind to recharge them well before every ride.

You can always find more alternative routes to get to work. © Joe Dunckley / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

I need to carry many things to my work

Cycling anywhere makes you reconsider how much you do really need to carry on your back. Starting bike commuting is the right time to reduce the stuff you haul every day. Do you really need to carry a computer or can you leave a company notebook on the table and share the data to the cloud so you can reach them if you need to work from home later? Or, at least, you can buy a second charger. The same can be applied to countless items you can lock in an office drawer. If you find carrying a backpack uncomfortable, you can equip your bike with panniers that will accommodate your belongings.

There’s no place to store my bike at work

Nobody wants their bike getting stolen while staying at work. You can find more ways to prevent bike theft, though. Starting from buying a proper bike lock you can leave your bike with by the nearest pole to having a chat with your boss about where to keep a bike during the day. In many office houses, you can find storerooms or hidden hallways with no public access where you can lock your bike safely.

I’m not fit enough to make it

City cycling
You can do it! © Profimedia

Unless you want to take it as part of your training, riding to work can be almost effortless. On top of that, biking three or four times a week will make you significantly stronger after a while, enabling you to ride faster without losing your breath. Burning extra calories is yet another benefit. Regular outdoor activities also have a positive impact on our immunity. This way, autumn cycling can prepare you for the winter months.

I hate waking up earlier just because of cycling

Some people see cycling as a comparatively slower way to get to their destinations. In cities, however, this is not the point. When you consider congestions, delays, waiting for connections, cycling still seems like a constant and reliable means of transport. Depending on the total distance, accessibility to cycle paths, and terrain profile, a commuter bike can get you to your work even faster than anything else.

I don’t want to come to work tired

According to many surveys, people look better after cycling. Higher blood circulation, fresh air and easy exercise pop your mind to higher gear compared to sitting in traffic with stressful thoughts about whether you will miss the morning meeting. Studies also show that regular cycling improves sleep and reduce anxiety. You may never look better than after cycling to work!