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The Best Bike Baskets for Your Summer Ride

By Megan Flottorp

Cycling baskets have come a long way in the last decade. You can indeed still find the classic woven variety that looks very much at home perched on a beach cruiser but you also now have access to a wide range of styles that offer various functionality. Whether you’re looking for something capable of hauling groceries, your canine companion, garage sale finds or all of the above—there’s a basket out there waiting for you. Let’s look at a few of the things you should consider before buying and some of our top picks from the wonderfully diverse selection of contemporary bike baskets. 

Factors to consider before you shop for bike baskets

Although your bicycle basket requirements may indeed change over time, it makes sense to buy something that will serve your needs right now. If you simply want to be able to carry your handbag or a few grocery items, there’s no need to invest in a heavy-duty setup off the bat. Weight is probably the most important consideration to be aware of. If you’re looking to carry 15 pounds or more, you’ll want to look at a rack-mounted rear basket, as the back of your bike can support more without impeding steering or handling significantly. Other features to note are whether or not the basket necessitates an additional rack and how easy it is to mount and dismount. Once you’ve got that sorted—in addition to an idea of your preferences regarding price and aesthetic—you’re ready to shop!

Here are a few great bicycle baskets that come highly recommended.

Bicycle with a basket
Browsing for a bike basket? © Profimedia

Ortlieb Up-Town City Basket

We’ll start with our favourite, all-purpose, year-round, super reliable cycling basket. This tried and tested commuter-friendly basket will keep your belongings secure and dry regardless of what the elements throw your way. It comes equipped with a fully waterproof shell that you can pull over your stuff in case of rain. The bicycle basket is also easy to attach and detach, as it comes with a KLICKfix system​ mounting bracket—universal to all Ortlieb handlebar-mounted gear. The waterproof bag itself hooks over an aluminium frame, where it completely seals out moisture once you close the lid. You’ve also got a convenient interior pocket to keep small items separate from the larger 17.5 L/ 11-pound maximum load that the basket is capable of.

Price: €49.46

Tote & Kari Bicycle Basket

TOTE&KARI Bicycle Basket

Not so keen on venturing out in the rain? If you’re looking more for style points than high-level functionality, this Tote & Kari bicycle basket might be right for you. The entire setup (bottom, sides, and lid) are woven from rattan, a natural reed-like material that looks both casual and elegant situated at the helm of your trusty steed. It also features attractive leather mountain straps that add a nice rustic touch to the appeal of any vintage (or vintage-inspired bike). Be warned, though, the fact that the straps are secured by buckles means a little more wobbling and a less precise fit. Nevertheless, it will handily carry your picnic necessities and even has a sturdy cup holder ring—so you can start telling your favourite barista that you’ll get it to go.

Price: €50.40

Bobbin Steel Front Basket 

Bobbin steel front basket

Form and function meet in this straightforward yet classy front bicycle basket. Made from powder-coated steel, this basket looks smart, offers high durability, and will adjust to fit any bike with 22.2mm diameter handlebars with 26” or 700c wheels. The simple design is available in matte silver or gloss black finish and comes with all the fittings you need. This is the perfect cycling basket for those who like an understated style and want a product that will last.

Price: €38.56

Wald 582 Folding Rear Basket

Wald bicycle basket

This sleek bicycle basket mounts to the sides of your rear rack and conveniently folds flat against your bike when not in use. Essentially, this is a basket for those who want to up their hauling capacity without really changing the look of their bike. It is super lightweight and attaches easily to the side of most rear racks with three screw-on clamps. When folded open, the cargo space is about 13 inches wide and seven inches deep. And if you’re really looking to increase your potential load, you can always double up and get one of these for each side.

Price: €33.50

ANZOME Bike Basket, Folding Small Pet Cat Dog Carrier 

ANZOME Pet Carrier

If you’re in search of a cycling basket up to the task of transporting your canine best friend, check out this model from ANZOME. It is easily detachable and foldable, with a quick release, while still offering all the security you’d want when transporting a pet. Ideal for small dogs, it can hold pets of up to 11 pounds. And if you do decide to use it as a dog bike basket, you’ll appreciate the quick release as you can conveniently take the bike basket on and off to use it as a pet bed or dog car carrier. It is also easy to clean, so you don’t have to stress if your pooch gets a little dirty at the park.

Price: €24.28

Topeak Unisex’s TrolleyTote Folding MTX Rear Basket, Black, One size

Topeak Bicycle Basket

If you’d like to be able to do the majority of your grocery shopping and errand running by bike, this bicycle basket a very solid option. It offers a telescopic handle and trolley wheels for easy handling, and the large capacity durable frame is collapsible for easy storage. The TrolleyTote is MTX QuickTrack® compatible for secure slide and click mounting and removal on all Topeak MTX racks. With a capacity of 25 L and a max weight load of 19.8 lbs, you’ll find this reliable companion more than able to meet your cycling basket needs.

Price: €66.96