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The guy at the bike shop sold you a Fuji and now everyone at the club is laughing at you. They all ride Colnago, Bianchi, Canyon… You didn’t know anything about brands and were told that Fuji bikes were great. What do you do now?

Trust bike shops–they understand bikes

Bike shops are under a lot of pressure to get stock in and out the door and, right now, that’s a difficult job. Just because you’ve been sold an obscure brand doesn’t mean you’ve been sold a bad bike. Think about what bike is best for you.

I wanted my first adult road bike to be a Bianchi, but my local bike shop said no. They held the front wheel between their legs and sat me on it–the bike I wanted had far too much reach for my body shape. When you’re buying a bike from a shop, you’re also paying for the experience of the salesman. They sold me a Trek and I’ve never looked back.

Insane tech specs

Check out the reviews Fuji attract and you’ll see a common theme–pleasant surprise at the value you get for your money. Fuji have been around for decades and, despite changing ownership several times, they still produce bikes that look incredibly attractive on paper.

Your mind is unlikely to associate the name “Fuji” with racing pedigree, but this review demonstrates that this doesn’t matter–details do. And if a wallet-friendly bike presents itself with a sub 1kg frame, you’d be a fool not to consider riding it home.

If your Fuji was stolen

I’ve twice bought bikes for less than £30, and one was stolen–but I can’t fault the thief’s good taste. So, let this be a test–if you bought a brand-new Fuji, would you be upset if it was stolen? Yes, you would. So learn to lock your bike.

The only thing I regret about my bike being stolen was my failure to lock it up properly. I loved that it rode well, and even now, I love that I can’t remember what brand it was. I just remember that it was red, cheap, and fast. Honestly–what more do you need from a bike? Enjoy your Fuji.