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NASA Technology to Be Incorporated in New Bicycle Tires

By Tereza Antonova

What once used to be a technology built for lunar and Mars rovers will now be incorporated into an earthbound bicycle. It’s no news that NASA’S inventions have been borrowed by other industries for decades but that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about the bike entering (or shall we say landing on?) the market.

The airless shape-memory alloy-tyre technology for bicycles will be introduced to the market next year by a NASA-approved start-up called Smart.

Coolness aside – is there another reason anyone might need a NASA-tech-equipped bicycle? The super-elastic tyres might be the reason number one as they allow for a flat-free trip. They are built like titanium, which makes them flat-proof even on rocky terrains – bear in mind that, originally, these tyres rolled over the Martian terrain.

Naturally, Metl tires present an interesting choice for off-road cycling. However, they should also come as appealing to eco-conscious cyclists looking for an alternative to the constant thrashing of rubber tubes.

Smart engineers reach further than just bicycles – the company has already partnered with the Spin e-scooter brand. However, the ultimate idea is to deliver the tyres to carmakers in the future.