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Cargo Bike Popularity on the Rise in Europe

By Adam Marsal

The popularity of cargo bikes in European cities is steeply growing. According to a survey conducted by the European project CityChangerCargoBike, major cargo bike producers recorded the growth rate of demand to reach up to 60 per cent last year. The prospects are even more promising since the sales are estimated to grow by 53 per cent.

There are about forty major developers of bicycles intended for freight transport, which are sometimes also called carrier or box bikes. Environmentally friendly, inexpensive, flexible and fast – all this makes them the perfect mean for shipping goods in dense city centres.

Cargo bicycle
Electric cargo bicycle with a long bucket in Amsterdam. © Profimedia

Propitious forecasts encouraged more bike manufacturers to join and add cargo bikes to their product line, yet current manufacturers are also investing in existing models’ improvement. With more cargo bikes in demand, aftermarket manufacturers are now offering cargo line components such as motors, brakes and tyres. That’s why the Eurobike Special Edition trade show in Friedrichshafen announced to arrange a separate exhibition dedicated solely to cargo bike issues. The show was supposed to take place from 24th till 26th November 2020 but has unfortunately been cancelled due to the rising COVID-19 threat.

Cargo bicycle
A cyclist using a cargo bike to make deliveries in London. © Profimedia

Nevertheless, keen cyclists considering to upgrade their gear for bigger loads might expect interesting carrier bikes arriving at the bike shops soon. There will be a huge selection ranging from classic two- or three-wheeled cargo bikes up to high-tech models offering way sportier and more dynamic ride. Extra-long bikes with extended carrier racks are among the most sought-after models as they enable their owners to load and transport much heavier items. On the other hand, remarkably fewer customers have found their likings for four-wheeled types, the European survey shows.