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Even the most ordinary things can be improved, including the way you carry your bike. These simple tips will make it easier. Follow these steps recommended by professional mountain biker Richard Gasperotti.

Pushing the bike up a hill can be quite gruelling as the front wheel bumps against various obstacles scattered on the ground. We all have our favourite side of the bike which we subconsciously choose to walk along when pushing the bike up a hill. For longer trips, when pushing is inevitable, it is advisable to alternate sides to load your body evenly. Set the crank with the pedal so that it’s turned forward on your side of walking to prevent hurting your shin – exactly the other way around from how you see it done incorrectly in the photo.

Especially if there’s a steep ascent, I’d suggest you grasp the saddle to make things easier for yourself. One hand holds the handlebar, the other one lifts the saddle. Thanks to this grip, you won’t hunch over the bike frame, which might exhaust you after a while of pushing.

When walking over obstacles, you cannot avoid carrying the bike. The best way is to grab the frame by the rear structure and carry it using the thigh as an additional supporting base. Let the unloaded front wheel roll on the ground.

In difficult terrain, the only option is to carry the bike on your back. How to do it with as little effort as possible? Put the bike in front of you so that the chainring faces the same direction as you. The crank with the pedal should be pointing downwards. Grasp the crank with your right hand and the leg of the fork with your left hand. Lift the bike and put it on your back, with the down tube against the back of your neck. If the bike is well-balanced, you can carry it easily, holding it with one hand (either by the fork or by the crank), so you will always have a free hand to hold on to something for emergency support while climbing.

When you walk down a hill or stairs, you can save a lot of effort by pushing the bike as shown in the photo. Stand the bike upright on its rear wheel. Holding the handlebars with both hands, you can easily move forward. You will appreciate this simple hack also when you need to push the bike through a narrow gate, door or down a spiral staircase with only a little space to walk along the bike. It’s also perfect for bike commuting when using the subway, escalators, etc.