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Cycling Wear for the Coldest Winter Months

By Bonnie Friend

In summer, cycling wear is a much simpler exercise. All you need to think about is to make sure you keep as cool as possible and that there’s a shower at the end of your journey. In winter, those looking to work up a sweat need to start warm enough and control their temperature as much as possible. So here’s some of the best cycling wear for the coldest months of winter.

Morvelo Stealth Stormshield Knee Warmers, £40

Bet you never thought you might consider bringing a pair of knee warmers into your life, but it’s surprising how foul weather can make you realise what’s missing. Water repellent, windproof, and warm, they add that little extra bit of protection for those who still choose to wear shorts in winter.

Lusso Termico Repel bib tights, £99

Highly recommended by cyclists and very reasonably priced given the tech involved in these guys. Thermal and water-repellent, they have a comfortable pad and blocks of subtle reflective markings to keep you safe on winter nights.

Rapha Brevet women’s long-sleeved jersey, £140

Winning the ‘Best on Test’ in the Cycling Weekly’s survey of the top women’s long-sleeved cycling jerseys, Rapha Brevet’s top offers technical fabrics without a restrictive fit and a merino/polyester blend that allows for warmth, breathability, and (importantly) it doesn’t retain unwanted smells.

Sigma Sports Escape Pro Winter LS, £160

For men, British newspaper The Independent chose the Escape Pro Winter LS as their champion long-sleeved cycling top for men this winter. Bright colours make it a positive part of the day, while more practical features include enough space to wear a base layer underneath, tight cuffs to keep the wind out, anti-sag material on the pockets, and a lightly fleeced Italian polyamide fabric which is lovely and warm.

Rapha Pro Team Winter Cap, £45

As we all know, most heat is lost through our heads. Naturally, head protection is the most important thing to wear but you don’t have to compromise comfort either – opt for the Rapha Pro Team Winter Cap. It protects and insulates while still allowing heat and sweat to be drawn away from the skin. It is lightweight, windproof, and water-resistant, with a fold-down flat so it can be adapted to keep ears and neck warm.