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Give Your Bike the Shelter It Deserves

By Adam Marsal

Where to keep your bike safe and dry is a question that might spark dialogues among members of many families. An American-based company with European-sounding name, Alpen, has revealed how our bikes could be stored outside our houses but still safely under a roof.

Their futuristic-looking Bike Capsule, resembling a slightly overgrown circular saw, is built from a tough material called roto-molded polyethylene. Once equipped with an integrated locking mechanism, this snail house should keep any grubby hands off your bike. The circular design easily accommodates any kind of bicycle, giving it a waterproof place to stay overnight.

Even mountain bikes with their infamously wide handlebars are welcomed to hunch under the capsule. The manufacturer promises enough space for all our cycling accessories. The design also fits into flats, balconies or shared garages, where it creates far less hindrance than a bicycle with all its poky parts and greasy chain.

Designed by an avid sportsman Eric Pearson, the capsule is 2 m in length, 1,3 m in height, and weights 59 kg. The idea came to the company founder after his sixth bike has been stolen. Now, this is a weather-proof solution with a sculptural aesthetics that could meet even the most luxurious way of living. Currently, the capsule is available for the limited pre-order price of 899 US dollars and is ready to be delivered across the continental US for further two hundred, starting in September 2018. The company declares to provide a shipping quote to anywhere in the world upon request.

For more details, check their website: alpenstorage.com