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How to Ride Through Puddles

By Adam Marsal

Even though this is the simplest hack every child should know, there are many people that do it wrong when it comes to riding through puddles!

What a hassle, someone has poured a small pool in the middle of your bicycle trajectory. Riding through a puddle may result in water getting in your shoes, which will make you feel like a member of an amphibious unit after the Normandy landings. Basically, there are two ways to avoid wet shoes. As water usually gets in your shoes from the front wheel, you should either lift your shoes… or the wheel.

1. The childish way

When approaching a malicious puddle, lift your legs as high as you can. That way you can avoid the tidal wave. Once you get over the puddle, put your court shoes back on the pedals and call your mother to tell her you’re a big kid now.

2. The cool way

This move requires a technique called ‘wheelie’. It’s a cool bicycle trick where you lift the front wheel in the air while the rear stays on the ground. Basically, it’s riding on the rear wheel only. If you don’t have this trick under your belt, learn it and go through the puddle this amazing way, or use step 1 to avoid falling on your back.

Good luck with riding over troubled water!