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Why You Shouldn’t Be on Your Phone While Cycling

By Christopher Ashley

Everyone knows you shouldn’t operate your phone while driving but where’s the harm in using your phone while cycling?


Cycling, like all vehicular transport, comes with its own set of risks, and although you may not think you’re travelling particularly fast, you don’t have as much protection as you would in a car. That’s not to say you can’t do yourself some damage rolling along at 15mph.

Pro-boxers punch at about 25mph, and your average “dead arm” punch is about 15mph – about the speed this unfortunate cyclist is travelling. Although instead of flesh and bone he hits a metal gate. That’s one good reason not to check your messages or Instagram while cycling.


Experienced cyclists become addicted to the zen-like calm that emerges from the union of cyclist and machine. The rhythmic pedalling, the gentle panting of breath, the reassuring zip of a well-greased chain, punctuated only by the occasional gear change. It’s heaven.

So why ruin it with calls from the kids or, even worse, a colleague from work asking where you’ve saved a specific file. Why sully the sanctity of The Ride with performance anxiety? Leave your phone at home and feel the ride. Using your phone while riding is bad for mind as well as body.


There are lots of phone mounts available for cyclists to choose from, and many undergo rigorous testing. But with the best will in the world, these can fail, and many cyclists are tempted to take their phones in and out of the cradle without stopping first.


It’s a little soul-destroying to see your phone hit concrete due to your own stupidity – so do yourself a favour. Leave your phone in your pocket, or maybe – just maybe – consider leaving it at home when you go out for your ride.