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World Championships` Silver Medallist Blames Disc Brakes for a Cut to the Bone

By Monica Buck

While disc brakes have been a subject of considerable debate in road peloton, they have been largely used in cyclocross without much controversy since 2010. That might, however, change with Katie Compton`s latest accident which ended her season on a rather bitter note.

The silver medallist from Cyclocross World Championships was involved in a crash in the opening lap of the Krawatencross race in Lille. Compton suffered a deep cut to her knee and blamed it on disc rotors. Her husband shared a distressing image of the wound which you can see below.

Despite the injury and having to change her shoe, Katie was able to get back on the bike and finish the race in seventh place. What a tough woman. She was even able to find a bright side in getting cut!

What do you think about the use of disc brakes? Is it still too dangerous? Let us know in the comments!