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Budget, ability, and style all play their part in choosing a bicycle for commuting whether you’re simply after a slick hybrid or a folding urban bike but the market has expanded in recent years, acknowledging that just making bikes smaller and more stereotypically female-friendly in colour doesn’t cut it when creating female-specific bikes.

Bringing greater sophistication to the market, there’s now a greater choice to suit each person’s style for the most personal type of cycling – the commute – that daily integration into your life that requires the coordination of clothing, timing, and traffic in a way that any other bicycle-orientated modus operandi doesn’t.

So, what are the options when looking for a bike that helps you to feel safe and confident, and which also forms the right fit? Here are some of the best commuter bikes for women of 2017.

Canyon Commuter 8.0

With an unorthodox appearance, Canyon Commuter’s bike is very much function over form. The German company is known for its high-spec creations. It’s simple and works to avoid some of the nitty gritty of the cycling commute such as oil stains, courtesy of a carbon belt drive, which is less likely to stretch and wear down than a metal chain, impervious to oil and muck and it is also quiet and fluid to use. It also has built-in lights powered by a dynamo on the front wheel and integrated seamlessly into the headset and rear mudguard as well as a welcome range of 11-speed hub gears. It’s what you might call an investment piece.

Bobbin Birdie

Conjuring images of an old Hollywood movie heroine, elegantly dressed and cycling around the streets of Paris, the Bobbin Birdie has both form and function. Pop on you best coat, dutifully protected by the mudguards, rear rack, and chain guard to stop oil stains, and either opt for the old-school 3-speed Sturmey-Archer version or the 8-speed Shimano Nexus variety if you happen to have a lot of hills to climb. It has a fairly heavy steel frame and wide moustache handlebars, and was created by a London-based company set up to produce good-looking Dutch-style bikes at an affordable price. It’s both sturdy and reliable.

B’twin Triban 520

Amongst the top recommended hybrid bikes, the B’twin Triban 520 with its flat bar, carbon fork, great spread of gears and extremely good value makes for an athletic commuter bike. Perfectly designed for going up hills, it’s versatile and eminently rideable.

Dahon Vitesse D8 Equipped Folding Bike

With its popular Vitesse frame, eight speeds, lightweight and fast-to-fold design, the Dahon Vitesse D8 Equipped Folding Bike has made a name for itself amongst commuters thanks to its easy portability, which makes it perfect for multi-modus travel without compromising. Add a soft, plush saddle and you have a form, function, and comfort all in one.

Chappelli Womens 3 Speed Bike

A super comfortable, single speed bike with a lightweight and durable steel frame, wide tyres for maximum comfort, and a low-maintenance three-speed hub is a commuter favourite and a reliable cycling companion for a stylish ride to work. New for 2017, it is the best of contemporary design and old school style for a twist of glamour on your morning ride.