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The Best Commuter Bikes for Women

By Bonnie Friend

Budget, ability, and style all play a part in choosing a bicycle for commuting. Whether you’re simply after a slick hybrid or a folding urban bike, the female market has expanded in recent years. It’s time to acknowledge that just making bikes smaller and more stereotypically female-friendly in colour doesn’t cut it when creating female-specific bikes.

Brands have brought better sophistication to the market, so now there’s a greater choice to suit each person’s style for the most personal type of cycling, the commute. That daily integration into your life that requires the coordination of clothing, timing, and traffic in a way that any other bicycle-orientated modus operandi doesn’t.

So, what are the options when looking for a bike that helps you to feel safe and confident, and which also fits you? Here are some of the best commuter bikes for women of 2022.

Canyon Commuter 9 LTD

Image of Canyon's Commuter 9 LTD urban bicycle in grey on a black background.
The Canyon Commuter 9 LTD

With an unorthodox appearance, flat handlebars, and award-winning design, Canyon’s Commuter 9 LTD bike is elegant, minimalist and functional. The German company is known for its high-spec creations. It’s simple and works to avoid some of the nitty gritty of the cycling commute such as oil stains, courtesy of a carbon belt drive, which requires minimum bike maintenance. It is impervious to oil and muck, and is less likely to stretch and wear down than a metal chain, and is quiet and fluid to use.

The 9 LTD has an aluminum frame and is a versatile commuter bike thanks to its many extras. It comes with integrated front and rear dynamo lights that are always on for urban riding and a complete fender set protects its rider from the elements. The included rear rack is ideal for any bags or panniers you need to carry keeping your back sweat free.

Flat pedals with a metal platform are sturdy and work with any shoes. Canyon thought of everything, including a bell to let other cyclists and pedestrians know you are coming. Magura hydraulic disc brakes, a carbon vibration absorbing seatpost and an 11-speed Alfine S700 drivetrain round out the picture. It’s what you might call an investment piece.

Commuter 9 does not come in a step through frame, so check your height and inseam on Canyon’s page to find out if its a good fit and the right bike for you.

Bobbin Brownie 7 Dutch bike

Image of a Bobbin Brown 7 Dutch bike in celeste green on a white background;
The Bobbin Brownie 7 Dutch bike in green.

Conjuring images of an old Hollywood movie heroine, elegantly dressed and cycling around the streets of Paris, the Bobbin Brownie 7 Dutch bike has both form and function. Pop on your best coat, dutifully protected by the full fenders and chain guard to stop oil stains. Its comfortable upright riding position means no back-breaking yoga moves to reach the wide moustache riser handlebars and included bell.

As it’s name implies, it comes with a single 7-speed shifter, which should be sufficient for most commutes. The rear rack, chain guard and fenders painted the same colour as the bicycle is a nice touch. Add your favourite straw basket upfront, trunk bag or bike-adapted briefcase in the same colour and you’ll be the envy of all fashion-minded passersby.

A wide spring saddle and natural cork handlebar add more comfort to your daily routine through country or city streets. Created by a London-based company set up to produce good-looking Dutch-style bikes at an affordable price, it is sturdy and reliable. Thanks to its fairly lightweight step through alloy frame and rim brakes, women of almost any height can call it their own.

Triban RC120 flat bar disc road bike

Triban RC120 flat bar disc road bike on a white background.
Decathlon’s Triban RC120 flat bar disc road bike in blue.


Amongst the top recommended hybrid bikes, we present the Triban RC120 flat bar disc road bike by Decathlon. A solid name in everything sports, they have come out strong with their Triban lineup of road, gravel and adventure bikes. The RC120 has been designed for versatility with a flat bar that includes comfortable grips and nubby bar ends for a change in hand position and mechanical disc brakes.

Ride quality is fantastic on any road surface or gravel paths thanks to it comfortable alloy frame and carbon fork that puts the pilot in an upright position. Its ErgoFit saddle guarantees long-riding comfort. The bike comes with a set of front and rear light, and inserts for a pannier racks and mudguards. The bike takes up to 32mm tyres.

The RC120 can accommodate shorter riders. Cyclists as petite as 155cm or 5″1′ can make the RC120 their town hybrid bike of choice. The microShift 8-speed drivetrain provides ample gear options to make any commute that isn’t flat a piece of cake. The wheels come tubeless ready, but you just need a conversion kit and some patience to get it done. Its economically friendly price will win you over too. This is a top pick among women’s commuter bikes since it can follow any road bikes on the local coffee or bike shop ride as well.

Dahon Vitesse D8 Equipped Folding Bike

Dahon Vitesse 8 folding bicycle in black on a white background.
The Dahon Vitesse 8 folding bicycle

Other than the fact that it folds to fit under the seat on public transport or in your hall closet, one of the D8s best attributes is that it’s economical price tag. Despite its price, it offers may of the same features found on pricier folding bikes. Despite its lightweight frame, the bike weights 11.2kg or 24.7 lbs, but its on par with other major competitors.

Eight speeds will get you over most hilly rides , and it’s fast-to-fold design means you won’t miss your train and it conveniently fits under the seat or between your legs. The Dahon Vitesse D8 has made a name for itself amongst commuters thanks to its easy portability, which makes it perfect for multi-modus travel without compromising. Add a soft, plush saddle and you have a form, function, and comfort all in one.

There is an adjustment period to the responsive steering of any folding bike geometry, but it quickly become intuitive. Dahon has even integrated a bike pump into the seat post. Clever.

Cube Touring Hybrid One 400

The Cube Touring Hybrid One 400 electric bike with a step through frame in green on a white background.
The Cube Touring Hybrid One 400 e-bike in green


Bicycles don’t have to be mechanical any more! Electric road and mountain bikes have started a trend that has thankfully made its way to commuter bikes. Take a gentle step into the realm of electric commuter bikes with the smart-looking Cube Touring Hybrid One 400 built around a powerful third-generation motor stored near the bottom bracket.

This elegant e-bike is available in a standard and step through frame, perfect bike for riders of any height. Its Efficient Comfort Geometry puts you in a natural-feeling and comfortable position for any journey. The aluminum frame has a front suspension fork with 100mm of travel for even more comfort.

A flat bar with rapid-fire shifters and ergonomic grips means you’ll always be in control. A 9-speed drivetrain makes light work for your daily commute or trip to the grocery store. Hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent stopping power in all conditions and the included mudguards and front and rear lights have you covered in all weather.

This bike is a pleasure to ride and its up front LCD display tells you the power level of your Bosch PowerTube 400 battery that is removable for easy charging. Top rated among city bikes, this class 2 electric bike is made for paved roads and easy hiking trails too. A few levels of pedal assist mean you’ll never arrive sweaty at work again! It may not be as price friendly as our other bikes, but it’s a worthy investment.