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How to Pick the Perfect Saddle for Your Daily Commute

By Adam Marsal

Like every type of rider, even urban commuters need a lightweight saddle at a good price. The commuter saddle should be hard to steal and built to withstand days in the rain, waiting until the rider’s office shift is over.

Additional comfort is also required, since only a few people consider their ride to work a sports challenge. With riders firmly nestled on the bike saddle surface five days a week, it should also prevent possible medical issues due to prolonged and repeated use. Most commute rides take up to 30 minutes, which actually makes comfort more important than weight, or the way the commuter bike saddle supports pedal performance. After meticulous research, we picked these four saddles that are perfect for commuters.

Fabric Cell Commuter Saddle

Fabric Cell Elite Saddle

The designers at Fabric developed technology for high-performance running shoes and adapted it to cycling. Because of their efforts, we can now enjoy this light, air-sprung saddle that distributes weight evenly across its entire surface. Made from a core of collapsible pyramid cells, the air-tight saddle never completely compresses, so the rider won’t feel the painful pressure points that are common with standard saddles. The dropped nose keeps your shorts from getting caught. The saddle profile is designed for the upright position typical to commuting cycling.

Price: €58

Selle Italia ST7 Vision Superflow

Selle Superflow bike saddle

The Superflow bike saddle line was designed exclusively to ensure the best riding comfort in every situation, thanks to its shape. These saddles have a special lateral construction that helps dampen vibrations from uneven roads, while the gel inserts inside of the padding absorb bumps, providing you with indulgent comfort. The saddle is also equipped with a rear LED reflector that provides visibility and safety even during day rides.

Price: €60

Brooks C67 Bike Saddle

Brooks C67

Brooks are well known for their traditional leather bike saddles, which are usually fitted with springs. Unlike the original line, their Cambium saddles are made from vulcanized natural rubber covered with organic cotton canvas. While the leather seat takes a while before it breaks in to fit your body, the Cambium C67 is designed for commuters seeking comfort from the very first ride. Intended for the upright riding position, the C67 is recommended for E-bikes, cargo bikes and Dutch-style bikes, too. The only disadvantage is the relatively high price tag, which makes it more likely to be stolen.

Price: €120

Selle Royal Scientia

Selle Royal Scientia Saddle

Researchers from the German Sport University in Cologne claim to have found the fundamental bike saddle design that improves overall cycling performance. The result of their study is a range of nine ergonomic saddles created to fit different riders. Their Scientia saddle is available in sport, moderate and relaxed models. And every version is delivered in three widths according to the rider’s ischial distance. On the company’s website, you can find a three-step method to take this measurement and find the best saddle for you.

Price: €80