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Porte Back in Training and Other Cool News from the World of Cycling

By Martin Winter

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it! So, what did you miss?

Richie Porte returns to training after the Tour de France crash

Although the Australian fractured his collarbone and pelvis on descent off Mont du Chat, he is back in the saddle now, only five weeks after the incident.

“Heading out on the road for first time since my crash, feels like first day back at school. So excited!” Porte wrote on his Instagram account, and the post quickly got over the 10k likes mark.


We hope to see you racing soon, Richie!

What a manoeuvre!

Vuelta 31% climb

The organizers of La Vuelta have really outdone themselves with climbs this year. Just check out the Alto de los Machucos that will await the riders at the end of stage 17. Located in Cantabria, this nine-kilometre climb has steep slopes with a gradient of as much as 31%.

Bike Stealing Championships in Dublin

A 360 Cycles mechanic set his bike aside for just a moment in the Irish town of Clontarf, and it took less than 17 seconds for a pair of robbers to show up. The mechanic was lucky and got away with just about €200 worth of damage without losing his precious carbon racing bike, but it was pretty close. Don’t give thieves a chance and always lock your bicycle!


Travelling with a bike

Do you fly around often and wish you could take your bike with you? Check out our infographics to find out which company will treat you best.