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An inspiring story of a bike mechanic working at Bike Effect Los Angeles has been doing the rounds in the cycling community. Stephen Partida from Santa Monica did a top notch job keeping a customer’s bike running smoothly. The customer was so impressed he offered the mechanic a job at his workplace. And that turned out to be NASA. Stephen now decided to share his story on Facebook. Not to brag, just to inspire other mechanics aspiring to greater things.

“I’ve decided to leave the bike industry. Reason being, a customer of mine offered me a job with NASA. How could I say no? He liked my attitude, work ethic and my quality of work. I kept his bicycle in top shape and it paid off tremendously. I’ll be building spacecraft that will travel to Mars and beyond. I’m sharing this with you all for a few reasons. Not to brag but to instead inspire. Don’t underestimate your own abilities as bicycle mechanics. You do great things. You stem from a long lineage of greats and you are capable of doing greater things. Don’t discount a single customer that walks in your doors. Treat everyone with the same level of respect you would want to be treated with. The alter egos of your customers would surprise you. And… Someone needs to replace me. Anyone interested in working in sunny Santa Monica at the premiere Pro Road Shop?,” Partida wrote in his post.

There’s not a whole lot to add to his inspiring writing. Just one thing. Click HERE to apply!