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Legendary Collective MTB Movie Now Online in HD Quality!

By Adam Marsal

Thirteen years ago, it was like a revelation for most us. At that time, we were digging dirt to build first jumps, discovering freshly opened bike parks, gathering courage before trying the wooden drops, learning to ride through the real berms, and daydreaming about making our own forest trails.

And suddenly, the Collective Movie walked into our lives. It was both poetical and gnarly and it entirely responded to all our mountain-biking desires. In only a couple of minutes, our lives have changed as our new heroes were born. Their names were Thomas Vanderham, Tyler “Super T” Klassen, Darren Berrecloth, Andrew Shandro, Dave Watson, and Ryan Leech. Since then, nothing was the same.

Till 2004, everybody was talking about downhill but suddenly everyone was totally involved in the newly born freeriding community. The boom was unleashed and everybody wanted to do the same things as the gutsy movie protagonists. The year after the premiere I visited Whistler, the resort where the movie was shot and the best place under the sun for anyone longing for riding down the hill. It was awesome and still, it belongs to my best experiences ever.

Watching Collective is like listing in the schoolbook from your childhood. All the memories just pop up. The songs from the soundtrack became legendary, the movie turned into a divine one. Now you can enjoy it in full HD quality. Take a seat and travel back in time!