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VIDEO: Martin Dražil Challenges You to Come Loose and Let Your Spirit Flow

BMX and flatland rider Martin Dražil is the perfect example of a restless body and soul. Apart from many collaborative and showcase events, he always manages to find the time to do things just for kicks and giggles and to bring his fans something different. For his latest video Martin teamed up with Škoda AUTO and its We Love Cycling platform and the result is a drone footage soaked up in a good mood and pure enjoyment. We bring you another one of his inspirational stunts, this time situated near a Prague’s architectural landmark Barrandovský bridge.

Flatland is a special BMX discipline that uses no obstacles or ramps and specializes in mastering tricks with only the bike on a flat, smooth surface. That’s pretty much what Martin does during the whole performance, but he chose a very unusual place to hone his skills. The strange non-purpose concrete “bowl” is one of the three sculptures decorating the bridge and is lovingly known by Prague citizens as “elephant feeder” or “hippo spa”, and originates from the 80’s – a time when it was mandatory to equip any public building in Prague with a piece of art. (Yes, you read that right.)

And what about Dražil’s motives behind the stunt and the location he chose? Martin gave us the following explanation:

“The whole thing is about me liking challenges and trying to differ myself. I look for unusual places for my photos and videos, so the outcome would be something distinguishable and people would be amazed. And the concrete “feeder” is exactly that. Things got in motion with WLC and this awesome video is the result.”


We think that the message of the video is quite clear: purpose behind every action isn’t obligatory but fun and joy should be.