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Tony 10 Speed: Mechanics, Maintenance, and Fitness

By We Love Cycling

Cycling can sometimes be very similar to religion – the bicycle is the altar at which we worship, and mechanics are our high priests. It may be expensive, but there is nothing like picking up a fully maintained bike from the local bike shop – degreased, flushed, greased, and with all the cables and gears perfectly calibrated. But nothing will feel better than learning to do it yourself, and Tony Marchand alias Tony 10 Speed is the man to teach you how.

With over 25 years of experience as a medical practitioner, this guy takes a no-nonsense approach to maintenance. His online presence may be somewhat enigmatic, but his track record speaks for itself, he knows how to get the job done. Having spent time working in the emergency rooms of the US Army, he has seen it all and you can bet that his presence brings great reassurance to the many cycle clubs he rides with. Should something go wrong with bike or body, Tony 10 Speed is the man to patch you up.

A visit to his website, tony10speed.com, will give you an idea of what this guy is all about. Just take a look at the design: it’s practical, straightforward and efficient. Just like his workshop, everything is designed for optimal functionality. Sure, it could be prettier, but that’s not of concern for this rationally minded man, everything is where you’d expect it to be and within easy reach.

That being said, that doesn’t mean he’s out of date when it comes to new media. The litmus test for mechanic vloggers is the “How to Adjust Road Brakes” video, and Tony’s is one of the best. Avoiding the mistake made by most vloggers, who seem to enjoy lecturing the viewer before really starting the video, our friend Tony gets right to the point. He gives you the basic instructions, shows you how the mechanics work, briefly offers options, and the demonstration is immediate.

You can also trust this medical practitioner when it comes to sound advice regarding the body. As you’d expect, our doctor has a keen interested in how the body and bike work together, and gives solid council regarding how to set up your bike depending on your riding style and other relevant factors. A fully integrated approach that takes everything into consideration, he has recommendations on cleat position, saddle position, and the angles your body creates on the bike.


And for all his practicality and helpfulness, Tony still manages to bring a refreshingly human touch to his videos. In his video on how to choose a saddle, his daughter plays along with his demonstration of how to measure your sitting bone. Using a replica pelvic bone prop to show where pressure points can cause discomfort, he provides real evidence for his suggestions and acknowledges that every rider has unique and individual needs.

The lesson being? Tony 10 Speed is more than a mechanic and medical miracle worker – he’s a guru for anyone wanting to improve their cycling performance. Covering material useful for everyone from racers to tourers, Tony is your man. His technique tutorials are designed to help you maximize performance and comfort, allowing you to have a healthier and more enjoyable ride. Thanks, Tony! Where else do you go for sound cycling advice? Do you think there’s someone out there, who can compare to Tony’s expertise? Send us your story here.