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How Long Does It Take Cavendish to Solve the Rubik’s Cube?

By Monica Buck

Everybody knows the recent Tour of Qatar winner is quick on a bicycle, but as it appears, Mark doesn’t waste time in any area of his life. Just watch the way he solves the Rubik’s cube. How fast can he actually do it? Take your guess and watch the video to find out.

“My record is about 1:20,” says Cavendish at the start of the video. You see how wrong your estimate actually was, yet? He then goes on and says that if he doesn’t finish in under two minutes, he usually gets a bit upset.

Impressive time, eh? Mark’s former teammate Alessandro Petacchi was the one who got the Brit into the Rubik’s cube and you can see them in the video below, going head to head.

“This is the best way to knock back a couple of minutes. Keeps your hand busy,” says Cavendish very modestly. We believe he actually shouldn’t shy away from the fact that he’s REALLY good. With a bit of practice he might try to challenge the Winfred Michael Raj’s record.

The 21-year-old physics student from India managed to solve the Rubik’s cube 111 times in 123 minutes while riding a 70-metre round track on a bicycle. Read more about his impressive run in one of our weekly mash-ups HERE. We certainly would like to see Cav try that…