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Coolest News From the World of Cycling

By Martin Mrazek

Another Monday is here and our news from the world of cycling with it! So what did you miss in the last couple of days? Read on to find out.

Science. Cavendish style

 The big truth finally revealed? Mark is certainly not afraid to use it!

Life as a Journey

“Fear is a vital energy, an essential driving force but the way in which we face these fears is purely in our own hands,” says Fran Camara.

He has been cycling for eight years. 80 countries, almost 90.000 kilometers. Why do people go around the globe on a bike? Well, everybody has their own unique reason and so does Fran. He shares his in this inspiring video.

Average Evening Ride

Average evening ride? Yeah, right!

“Just your average evening spin. No big deal. Also known as: the prettiest stretch of pavement I’ve ever ridden,” wrote Jered Gruber as a caption to this beautiful photograph. We don`t know about you, but we`re knee deep in snow over here. So we do feel a little bit of jealousy.

Adventure in Norh India

“This short film reflects the last few months of my epic cycling trip through North India. Life out on the road in the north has been a pure delight to the senses and has reinforced my fascination with the open road and new horizons. I have now cycled over 1,300km amongst the great Himalayan mountain range, through forests and barren mining towns, camping in the wild as I go, tracing the river Ganga and discovering a small spiritual refuge and family in Rishikesh,” says the cyclist and adventurer Jack Few about his latest video. It sure looks like a great adventure. Have you ever done a similar journey?

Riding in Style

That's what we call style!

Preferred Mode publishes some of the coolest cycling portraits on its Instagram account and here you can see Alan riding the 1893 Pope bicycle captured at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn,New York. If you like vintage bicycles, be sure to follow our new weekly updated ‪#‎BIKEARCHIVE on WeLoveCycling Instagram.

Electrified Bait Bike


What do you do when catching a thief thanks to a bait bike just doesn`t get your juices flowing anymore? Well, you wire up the seat and handlebars, so they can deliver a proper electric shock. Duh! The twin brothers Jeremy and Jason Holden shot an undercover video of this prank and shared it on their YouTube channel Twinz TV.

Let the Season Begin!

Sagan is getting ready to start the season!

Sagan is at Tour de San Luis and makes the last preparations. Are you as excited as we are?