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Cycling Treasure on the Bottom of the Paris Canal

By Martin Mrazek

Looking for a cycling equivalent of a golden treasure? You should probably check out the nearest riverbed, because as the French capital`s Canal Saint-Martin shows, it`s full of bicycles!

A huge crowd gathered on the riverbanks and arched footbridges that cross Paris`s favourite hang-out spot and waited to find out what kind of bizzarre things piled up on the bottom of the canal after fifteen long years of negligence.

Paris drained the Canal Saint-Martin .

To most of the viewers it looked like a giant dustbin filled with old office chairs, rolled up carpets, stolen street signs and thousands of wine bottles but the keen eyes noticed the large amounts of bikes that happened to be there as well.

They found a lot of garbage but some true gems were hidden there as well.

Bicycles of all shapes and forms, new and old alike found their way there and some of them were real gems. If you`d like to go treasure hunting someday, you might want to try out Amsterdam. They drain their canals every year and usually find around 12 to 15 thousand bikes.