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Cycling Clichés on Instagram

By Angie Ng

For people passionate about cycling, bicycles are a part of their lives. Just as people with children or pets love to post about their little people or furry friends, bikers are keen on sharing photos of their bikes or pictures related to their cycling. Here are a few cycling clichés on Instagram.

Getting dirty

This is the image some non-cycling people conjure up when cycling is mentioned. You could throw rain, snow, smoggy air and the like into the photo for them.


Racing shots

This is another image that enters people’s minds when you mention you are into cycling. I suppose runners have the same problem.


Partial body shots

These partial body shots usually involve toned muscles, another stereotype non-cyclists have of cyclists.


View from the rider’s seat

Naturally, cyclists want to share how things look from their point of view while cycling.


The bum of the cyclist in front of you

Sometimes, the view when you are cycling involves someone else’s bum.



Although most often associated with swimwear, tanline photos are also popular with cyclists.



Now who doesn’t like taking selfies?


Collage of ‘usies’ plus bike app stats

This is a nice way of celebrating your team or groups’ accomplishments.



Now I have someone special in mind when I think about cyclists posting their injuries. This photo here is a fairly innocuous example compared to some of hers.


Bicycle with scenery

Last but not least, if people can take pictures of their plush toys with scenery (yes, it happens!), why can’t we take pictures of our beautiful bikes in scenic surroundings?