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First Universal Allen Key Funded on Kickstarter

By Angie Ng

Within one week of launching, TeleHex was fully funded on Kickstarter. It`s the world’s first ultracompact and self-adjusting socket hex wrench that makes carrying around the bulky, conventional fold-up Allen key sets unnecessary. And that’s definitely a good news for everyone who doesn’t want to carry heavy tools on the ride.

The Product

Hex bolts are everywhere on a bike, so if you need to adjust your brake tension or tighten a loose part while out on the road or trail, you better have the TeleHex with you.

Photo: kickstarter.com

It boasts convenience, durability and ease-of-use for cyclists, with one tool replacing conventional, fold-up Allen key sets. It weighs less than half the weight of the regular sets, and its small size ensures it can be safely tucked away and forgotten until it is needed.

Photo: kickstarter.com

The product is available via Kickstarter until 9 October 2015 in black, red or blue for the exclusive Kickstarter price of 38 CAD.

The Inventor

Peter Wen, an avid cyclist and Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Toronto (U of T), spent months in the machine shop, designing and prototyping the TeleHex.

Photo: kickstarter.com

With the mentorship of the U of T’s Entrepreneurship Hatchery, he was able to launch the project on Kickstarter on 9 September 2015. Within one week, the project was fully funded and has since surpassed that amount.