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Only the best for kids

By Adam Marsal

The kids weren’t in manufacturers focus of interest for a long time but that’s no longer true. We nit-picked some interesting products at Eurobike that are changing the quality of time spent on bikes before the kids grow up. Following are the things we crave for them.

Early rider 

Some bicycle manufacturers were late to get a grasp of the idea that even kids deserve more than a low-end products. But it’s not the case of the UK based company. Early Rider introduced a beautiful 20-inch wheeled bike for small riders who can fully enjoy advantages of belt drive, disc brakes, suspension fork and Ritchey Components. Founder Andy Loveland created the UK brand nine years ago after trying to find a quality children’s bike.

From the wooden balance bike, the Early Rider range has expanded to the high quality mountain bikes for young riders. Interesting fact is that all the pedal bikes are belt-driven. It means both low maintenance and greater safety and as kids’ bikes are very often carried inside of the cars the parents won’t have to worry about having grease everywhere.

More on www.earlyrider.com

Safe ride with the kids

Do you think that your life as a cyclist is in ruins after your child was born? Cheer up! The Dutch company Bobike offers front safety seats suitable for children from 9 months to 3 years.

Photo: facebook.com/Bobike.nl

When the kid grows out of this one, you can use the rear seat that is suitable for kids up to ten years or 35 kilograms. Besides clever Dutch design, comfort and ease of usage, Bobike uses a unique double-layered design for all of their safety seats to ensure optimal protection.

More on www.bobike.com

It all started as DIY project

„We are bikers but now we’re also parents,” Sebastian Tegtmeier says. As a founder of the Supurb company his story is similar to Andy from Early Rider. When his son was born Sebastian begun to search the internet in order to find a suitable bike for the little one. But the results were very poor.

He couldn’t even imagine that his son would explore the world on a miserable bike and decided to build it himself. He has founded a Supurb company together with his friend a father of two Jürgen Schlender in 2012. The guys now offer five different models from balance bikes to the mountain bike with suspension fork and disc brakes for kids from 122 cm height.

More on: www.supurb.de

A bike that grows with your kid

Wishbone Bike utterly reorganizes when and how a kid learns to ride. In a single take, it replaces multiple products you could have bought and that would be broken and thrown away between ages 1 to 5. In other words the bike grows with your child.

The bike starts at 12 months with three wheels, helping babies to walk and then ride. Later the bike converts to two-wheeled pedal-less bike, which teaches the kids to keep balance. Raise the seat and flip the frame to transform bike into a large balance one that suits kids from 12 months up to 5 years. Smart and sustainable!

More on: www.wishbonedesign.com